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Things are changing very quickly in Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan, once portrayed as a safe place in turbulent Central Asia, is no longer. The country, which was considered dangerous ten years ago, is now completely safe for foreigners. A new highway connects the country's major cities, making it as easy to enter and exit Kazakhstan as it used to be. Concern is growing about inferior protective equipment from China, especially for Kazakh doctors treating patients infected with coronavirus, as they often have to treat patients in inferior conditions with inferior equipment.

In the big cities of Astana and Almaty there are international restaurants where it is not a problem to find meat-free dishes, which helps to ensure a lively cosmopolitan food landscape. Vegetarians may find it challenging to travel around the country, but expats should be careful when walking through Almaty's large markets and green bazaars. Al Matyas Green Bazaar is a great place to enjoy some of Kazakhstan's best food and drink and have a good shopping experience.

If you want to know if you are going anywhere in Kazakhstan, log on to a Kazakh radio station online or listen to the news. To find out how to get marshrutkas (buses) or collective taxis in Kazakhstan, read our guide to Kazakhstan. Visit the many wonders of Samarkand, including the city centre and its many museums, museums and galleries. In Almaty you will find a wide selection of restaurants, shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

If you plan to stay in Almaty, join a group of the International Community of Almaty and get some good tips and advice about the old capital. If you are hiking there with your children, I would advise you to read our guide H in Kazakhstan and the best places to hike for children.

If learning the language is not your thing, I would recommend you take Lonely Planet, Russian expressions and dictionaries in hand. Kazakh Radio Player is a great resource for all who love Kazakh music and entertainment. Listen to live radio and listen to live radio, or work 24 hours a day for those who like it.

Listening to music from different genres in Kazakhstan is also a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of Kazakhstan's music and culture and an opportunity to learn.

If you decide to come to Kazakhstan with your children, you do not have to worry about the safety of your children. If you are travelling inland in Kazakhstan, we urge you to check for possible checkpoints that could restrict your freedom of travel. However, if you are part of a family travelling to Kazakhstan, you should be sure that you will have a safe and unforgettable experience there.

Please note that immigration issues are the responsibility of the Government of Kazakhstan and we cannot intervene in matters related to entry into Kazakhstan. In this FAQ section you will find information on questions that may affect your transit time and require additional steps when transporting to Kazakhstan, as well as information on visa-free entry and exit.

We remind you that Kazakh borders remain closed to foreigners with limited exceptions, including the designated companies and direct flights from Kazakhstan, which Kazakhstan has resumed. Even US citizens have an exception: they do not have a visa to enter this country as long as they remain suspended until at least May 2021. They can be limited to a limited number of visas - free entry and exit visas per year.

If you are wondering whether it is safe to drive in Kazakhstan, or whether it is safe for students and expats living in the capital Almaty, you have come to the right place. We give you some tips on how to deal with the situation and make sure you travel independently, with friends and family. Visit solo travelers, travel with a rental car, see if they are safe and see for yourself whether it is safer for you. Radio Kazakhstan Online is limited to the access to the radio station of the Kazakh National Radio and TV station Radio KZK.

Please note that this time may increase your estimated arrival time, please try to leave the ship on this page.

Although Kazakhstan is very safe, I would say that, at least for the most part, it is probably not the best holiday destination for a family trip. Taraz airport can be used as an alternative airport, but the only thing I think is a great family destination in Kazakhstan is the surroundings.

Surgut, Tyumen and Nizhny Novgorod form the Kazakhstan region, which connects Central and Eastern Siberia. In the summer season 2017 SCAT Airlines plans to resume regular flights from Siberia to Taraz with a new flight from Tashkent to St. Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Far East. In addition to exports of agricultural and processed products to the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan, TarAZ Airport began to serve cargo flights from the UAE, Iran and Aman in 2016. We plan to create in cooperation with Kazpost (Russian) a leading online store to distribute mail, Internet and parcels in new ways in the CIS.

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More About Taraz