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It is so strange to have lived in Kazakhstan all your life and take it for granted and then meet a foreigner who is passionate about history and culture.

The sounds of simple string instruments have been the backdrop for the life of the Kazakhs in the vast Asian steppe for centuries. The diversity of musical instruments of the Kazakhs is evidence of this, and Kazakh national instruments are the basis for the creation of music from the whole universe. These musical instruments show the diversity and diversity of Kazakh culture and the richness of its musical traditions and traditions.

Preserving this ageless village music would help to ensure that the dombra remains an integral part of what makes a Kazakh. We need volunteers to travel to Central Asia and help us make Taraz a must - a place to visit in Kazakhstan. Take our Kazakhstan Travel Package and plan a day to take a city tour to see the many landmarks of the city surrounded by the Tian Shan Mountains, including the Tajikistan-Tashkent border crossing, the Kazakh National Museum and many other historical sites. Plan to take the day off and then drive on to Taraz as a "must see" Kazakhstan!

The French, British, Turks and Italians tell each other stories about what happened to them in a new place and what they had in common on their travels in Kazakhstan. The guests will also be introduced to the national ensembles that perform in Taraz, as well as in other parts of Central Asia and the Caucasus. If you like, you can also like us on Facebook and Twitter for more information about our events and events.

Kazakhstan is one of the most populous countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus region, stretching from the deserts of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to Siberia, the Caspian Sea and China. It has a population of about 300,000 people, is located in southern Kazakhstan, on the border with Kyrgyzstan and has an area of 2.5 million square kilometers.

Traditional forms of music continue to develop in the country, with the performance of composers and the creation of European styles. The music from various genres and music from Kazakhstan that you listen to is also an opportunity to expand your knowledge of Kazakhstan's music and culture. The music of the famous composer and composer of the Kazakh National Symphony Orchestra, Oleg Kuznetsov, is also popular in this country.

If you want to know what is going on all over Kazakhstan, you can listen to the news or tune in online to Kazakh radio stations or listen live on the radio. On the other hand, countless broadcasters, working 24 hours a day, work in different parts of the country, whether they listen to live radio or online music. You will find out what is going on in Kazakhstan's political events and you will have spoken to countless broadcasters.

We hope that the Kazakh airwaves will be filled with worthy soloists and bands in the end. Radio Kazakhstan FM is one of the best online radio apps to enjoy. Radio Stations adopts the Darfm API and keeps all content that is played on the radio stations. Kazakh Radio Player is a great option for all those who love Kazakh music and entertainment.

He loved music and singing at a young age and later began to compose his own songs, which gained great popularity in the steppe. He was dedicated to preserving Kazakh music, and Sauranbayev wanted to do the same. Note that the Cathedral Bramasters of the villages of Kazakhstan composed wonderful melodies, many of which were not written by themselves.

The musician told the whole world about the Kazakh national instrument, the dombra, and the audience applauded his virtuoso playing. The dombsra has developed into the basic form of the instrument, which is as it has been for a long time. There is no doubt that he studied European music to perform and compose traditional Kazakh music, and then introduced the violin to the Kazakh steppe. He demonstrated his art at the International Music Festival of Kazakhstan in Tashkent in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as well as at many other events.

It is held regularly in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan on a reciprocal basis and you will find it on the list of concerts of the Kazakhstan International Music Festival in Tashkent. It starts at 16.500 kzt and takes place simultaneously with the World Music Festivals of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Estonia.

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More About Taraz