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The mullah used the legend of the mausoleum of Karachan on the 12th and had a new moat and minaret built, which had nothing in common with the old one, and used it as a base for the construction of a fortress built on the ruins of ancient Tara. This new city grew and began its life as the capital of its governor, the Mongolian Khan. It consists of two main parts: the city centre and the main mosque, making it the largest and most famous of all the mosques in Tarazi.

Dzhambul continues to function as an unofficial trading post, while the chemical and construction industries form the core of the city's economy. Kazakhstan was rocked by the economic instability that hit Asian financial markets and swept through the region in the late 1990 "s and early 2000" s. Just as Kazakhstan was recovering from setbacks caused by a financial crash, it began to make significant progress in economic growth, rising to 8%. This economic recovery helped to create a new economy and open up new industries such as oil and gas, and led to an increase in exports of oil, natural gas and other raw materials.

Just two weeks later, the Kazakh parliament adopted its declaration of independence, and Kazakhstan became a sovereign government. The Kazakh Government has established a constitutional form of limited government based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh National Congress of Nationalities and Peoples. Kazakhstan had become truly independent, but remained under the control of Russia, the United States, China, the Soviet Union, and other countries.

The social safety net was thin in many areas, and Kazakhstan found it difficult to outperform other ex-communist countries. In April, Kazakhstan introduced its first ever public-private partnership tax system and a private pension scheme. It is based on international standards and emphasises equality, economic neutrality and simplicity. The idea of returning control of economic assets to the people themselves was adopted by the Kazakh government, but the transition to a market-based tax and social security system has been difficult in the past, owing to the lack of access to public funds.

The most important phase of privatisation in Kazakhstan took place in April, when a public auction was held in Taraz, Kazakhstan, in which 1.5 billion rubles (20 million dollars) of public money was distributed. Representatives of the city, which is associated with international companies such as Deloitte and Tarz Kazakhstan itself, as well as the government, also attended the event.

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Situated on the shores of Lake Charvak, it offers a sauna and an indoor pool, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city centre and the surrounding area. The nearest car rental in Taraz is sorted by distance to the city centers in the following list.

Tourists can see the elements of antiquity, while new places are also worth a visit, and some places in the city have been beautifully found.

One is Babaji Khatun's 11th-century mausoleum, and the other is that of Aulie Ata Karahan, 12th and 13th-century, built by Sha'an Mansur in the 13th century. Both tombs are in the same style, with their ribbed conical domes, but this is the largest of the sixteen. The mausoleum of Aisha Bibi was built in the twelfth century and is entirely decorated with tiles with various patterns and inscriptions.

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